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Frozen Embryo Transfer
In Infertility
Jan 20, 2019
We just received our protocol for our second FET. First in December was medicated and I am just only now starting to feeling back to normal after a full break cycle... obviously that FET was unsuccessful. From what I understand the natural will just be more monitoring than the medicated and more like like an IUI. Will be triggered for ovulation when I have a dominant follicle of adequate size (my Dr. said their is a higher risk of cancellation with natural in the case you don’t ovulate or produce a dominant follicle probably why they are using letrezole/that wasn’t suggested to me for whatever reason). At this time there is no plan for any medications to be added aside from the HCG trigger and a couple HCG boosters after the transfer. This will make the first Beta possibly a false positive so we won’t know of relative success until beta 2&3. The transfer will be on day 5 after ovulation as they are day 5 embryos. I think I will be having a check that my progesterone is rising on its own as well. My Dr. didn‘t say it was necessary but because I brought it up I could have it checked. In my case I didn’t PGS which I kind of regret because we wound up will 11 frozen embryos (all graded high but that doesn’t mean much aside from they look pretty). I really hope we hit a good one without having to go through very many FET’s. Also in Canada, so can‘t find out genders anyway but I have looked up some statistics based on embryo grading haha. Good luck to you! :)


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