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Jean - @lovingadeline
Feb 24, 2019
In Loss Moms
Hi there! I'm so sorry that you are seeking out this section of the forums, and I'm also happy that we can connect. It's not easy to go through any of this loss on our own. If you are in the Greater Seattle Area, there is a loss mom meetup being organized for March 16th in Seattle for lunch. We'd love for you to be apart of it. Let me know if you are interested and I can provide more information.
Jean - @lovingadeline
Jan 19, 2019
In Infertility
Hey! I rang in my new year with egg retrieval. We had our eggs froze on day 6 as we waited for PGS results. We have an appointment with our provider on Friday to go over the next steps but I'm impatient. I'm wondering - have any of you done a mostly natural transfer? When in your cycle do they take place? Is there anything I should be doing to prep my body? When we made our game plan before retrieval my doctor said she just wants to do a low dose letrozole cycle with us and progesterone after transfer. Anyone else do something similar? Also, did you find out/choose gender? We are 50% wanting to know and 50% thinking that's weird and wanting to keep some element of surprise in this process.
Jean - @lovingadeline
Jan 05, 2019
In Meet Ups
Hey everyone! My name is Jean and I live in the Seattle area. My friend Kelsi (who I met through Instagram and infertility hashtags) and I have put on a couple meet ups in the Seattle area and would love to do more in the future. Let me know if you’re in the area and interested! Hugs!

Jean - @lovingadeline

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