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Welcome to the InfertiliTea - a resource for those who are struggling or have ever struggled with infertility and loss. Get the tea on how to cope, love, and stay sane while navigating the tricky minefield that is infertility. This resource is updated by infertility warriors from around the world and is ever evolving.

I'm Candace, creator of The InfertiliTea.


My husband and I met in 2009, married in 2010, and started trying for a family right away.  Before we knew it, eight long years had passed and we'd endured a failed IUI, two miscarriages, three rounds of IVF, and five failed frozen embryo transfers (with genetically normal embryos).  But I wouldn't stop until I had answers; that's when I found reproductive immunology.  After an extensive immune panel of blood work, I had a laparoscopy in January of 2019 to remove Stage 2 endometriosis.  One month after surgery, we conceived our beautiful daughter, Hazel - NATURALLY.  We are so grateful for our little miracle and we pray that our story provides hope to those still struggling to get (and stay) pregnant.

I will never forget the heartache that we experienced over the years and my mission is to support a community that is still hoping, praying, and hurting.  Here, at The InfertiliTea, I am committed to providing a safe and informative resource, with an opportunity to connect others who are just like you!



Fertility Fare 2020
Fertility Fare 2020

Fertility Rally
Fertility Rally

Fertility is hard and a lot of individuals feel isolated in their struggles. The Fertility Rally will take place in October 2020 in Brooklyn, NY. This is a time to rally together! There will be friends, speakers, drinks, and of course...rallying!! Visit the website for all the deets!

Fertility Fare 2020
Fertility Fare 2020


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